Quality matters: Does your sea moss measure up?

In search of the best Sea Moss? Buyer beware. When you’re in the market for any new product – particularly one that impacts your health and the health of your family – it’s important to do your research. Sea moss is growing in popularity as nature’s superfood; it’s packed with nutrients and widespread benefits spanning physical and mental health (not to mention appearance!). But not all sea moss is created equal. Quality matters. Ask these four questions to find the best sea moss to buy.

  1. Is it “real” sea moss or “fake” sea moss?

“Real” sea moss and “fake” sea moss are common terms to describe wildcrafted and pool grown varieties. Real sea moss is wildcrafted. It grows in a natural environment, the ocean. Pool grown is exactly that – it is sea moss grown in the “controlled” environment of a pool. Most people who think of pools don’t think of “clean,” or “pure,” they think of chemicals like chlorine (and, occasionally, pee).

Wildcrafted real Sea Moss is hands down the best sea moss to buy. It wins the quality competition because you can’t replicate what Mother Nature provides.

Sellers of pool grown sea moss will argue that their product is the best sea moss. Since real sea moss is necessary for a healthy ecosystem, advocates of pool grown sea moss claim it is better for the environment. It’s simply not true. The reality is that reputable farmers of real sea moss don’t deplete the ocean of its stores. They harvest only portions of the sea moss to ensure its sustainability. Another benefit that pool grown sellers tout is a pollutant-free product. High quality sellers of real sea moss ensure pollutant-free products by harvesting from specific locations like the waters off Jamaica. Jamaica is a travel destination for a reason.

  1. Where does the best sea moss come from?

Polluted oceans are a real concern. Knowing where the product was harvested helps indicate its purity and is, subsequently, the best sea moss to buy. Does it come from an area near a heavily trafficked shipping lane? Or is it collected from isolated islands away from the major ports? Oceans with clear waters and high visibility like those surrounding Jamaica will produce the most nutrient-dense, pollution-free sea moss. A reputable seller will include these details so buyers can make better informed decisions.

Does the sea moss contain additives or chemicals?

Sea moss farmers use a variety of methods to process the product. Pay attention to what’s added and what is potentially taken out. The best sea moss is blended in alkaline water. Some sea moss products are infused with natural flavors like pineapple. Natural flavors enhance the taste but don’t alter the product’s quality. Who doesn’t love pineapple?

  1. Do you trust the seller?

The best sea moss to buy will come from a seller that gives you confidence and makes you feel good about what you’re buying. The quality of the company’s operations is usually aligned with the quality of the product. Does the seller provide pertinent details like the source of the sea moss and product descriptions? Do they provide a method to contact them with questions or concerns? Does the website give you what you need or leave you guessing? Do they provide any value adds like product recipes or useful tips? What do other customers have to say? How did the company get its start? Its vision matters. Do your homework to locate the best sea moss.

The best sea moss to buy is real sea moss

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