Smooth sailing with sea moss: 8 health benefits

Sea moss and fertility, sea moss and weight loss, sea moss and digestion – search the internet and you’ll find hundreds of articles touting this superfood’s benefits.  If you’re interested in better physical and mental health, as well as improved appearance, sea moss is the answer. Read on for 8 health benefits of sea moss.

  1. Boost immunity.

The COVID-19 pandemic has left medical professionals around the world scrambling for a cure and consumers searching for ways to reduce their risk of contracting it. Enter immunity boosters. Look no further than the jam-packed aisles at every superstore and you’ll notice the abundance of products targeting desperate buyers. Not sure what to buy? You’re not alone.

Check out sea moss. Sea moss isn’t a miracle cure, but it’s certainly a superfood to consider with little to no risk as compared to many manufactured “solutions.” Sea moss is a naturally occurring source of nutrients, iodine and antioxidants which, combined, lead to its immunity-boosting power.

  1. Support your thyroid.

Your thyroid is a small gland with a big job. If your body doesn’t produce enough thyroid hormone (called hypothyroidism or low thyroid), it impacts your entire body. Thyroid issues can slow your metabolism, make you feel sluggish and cause weight gain. It can impact your appearance through skin issues and hair loss. It even effects fertility.

Sea moss is a natural source of iodine which helps regulate thyroid hormones. But you can get too much of a good thing. If you are taking medication to support thyroid function, talk to your doctor before incorporating sea moss into your diet. You need the right balance. Too much or too little can have adverse effects.

  1. Aid digestion.

Sea moss contains a gelatin-like substance similar in consistency to aloe produced by an aloe plant. Just like aloe helps soothe things like scrapes and sunburn, the smooth gelatin-like texture of sea moss helps soothe the digestive tract. Sea moss helps improve overall gut health, reduces acid reflux, reduces constipation and potentially has a healing effect on ulcers.

  1. Boost your mood.

It should come as no surprise that what you eat impacts your mood. Just think of that morning coffee and donut, giving you a jolt of caffeine and sugar – only to leave you tired, sluggish (and cranky) just a few hours later. Swapping out just one meal, like breakfast, with a nutrient-dense sea moss smoothie can help start your day the right way. And, hopefully it will cause a domino effect leading to healthier choices as you begin to feel the benefits of sea moss.

Why sea moss as a mood booster? Sea moss contains potassium which is known to help anxiety and depression.

  1. Improve fertility.

The benefits of diet before, during and after conception can’t be overstated. Sea moss can help boost fertility with health benefits for both men and women. For men, sea moss can improve sperm health. For women, sea moss can improve egg quality. Among the many benefits of sea moss and fertility, it increases circulation to reproductive organs and it boosts libido.

  1. Lose (or maintain) a health weight.

Sea moss and weight loss is a widely discussed topic. Many people view weight loss as purely a cosmetic issue, but excess weight impacts virtually everything in your body. It reduces your mobility, makes you tire easily, impacts your mood and puts you at higher risk for heart attack and stroke. We all want to look good during bathing suit season but consider sea moss for it physical and mental health benefits.

See moss is packed with nutrients and filled with fiber. Its fiber content alone will help you feel fuller longer. It also has a cyclical effect – sea moss boosts your energy, so you are more likely to get up and get moving. When you get up and get moving, you are more likely to drop excess weight. Sea moss and weight loss makes sense.

  1. Eliminate iron-deficiency anemia.

If your body doesn’t get enough iron, you are likely to suffer from iron-deficiency anemia. When you have iron-deficiency anemia, your body is not producing enough red blood cells to carry an adequate supply of oxygen throughout your body. We need oxygen not only to survive but thrive. If you’re anemic, you’re likely to feel a variety of symptoms. You will most likely feel tired. You may be short of breath or even lightheaded. Anemia can make you feel dizzy. It can even cause your heart to beat too fast.

Sea moss is an iron-rich food and can help combat iron-deficiency anemia.

  1. Improve joint health.
Serious athlete or weekend warrior, healthy joints are important. If your joints aren’t healthy you will have a hard time exercising (potentially leading to weight gain) or even just getting around. We take our mobility for granted until it’s limited. Sea moss helps reduce inflammation and alleviate pain and stiffness of joints. 

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