Stokley - Creating a Legacy in Music

Stokley has been carving his niche as a multitalented artist since he began playing percussion instruments at the age of four. As a GRAMMY-nominated vocalist, songwriter, producer, multi-instrumentalist, and performer, he is an innovator who takes risks and has created a style all his own. His Music and unique performance persona are colored with global rhythms and inspiration from great musicians, both past and present. Stokely has worked with some of the biggest names in music: Whitney Houston, Janet Jackson, Prince, and more. His musical prowess and ingenuity are well-recognized in the music industry, which is why The Transformation Factory chose to salute him as a history-maker. His legacy will raise the bar in terms of musical excellence and performance.  

Stokley understands the potential impact of his music and his place in history. We asked him how he thought he was making black history and what legacy he hoped to leave behind. He told The Transportation Factory, “I believe I’m making black history with my musical gifts by helping connect the dots between all the genres that have been created by Black culture, and by leaving my unique sonic and visual thumbprint to be discovered and studied by future generations.” 

Stokley has already left a major legacy as the lead singer for the group Mint Condition. His solo career now provides him with new opportunities to create and inspire. He is signed to the label Bluraffe through which he has a partnership with the legendary Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis/Perspective Records with his sophomore release, “Sankofa”. Sankofa has had several releases including "She", which went to #1 on the Billboard charts.

Stokley continues to transform music and inspire others through his performances and work ethic. He’s leaving a legacy that will open doors and encourage others that dare to be different. 

He explains his legacy best: “Hopefully I’ll be leaving the idea for other creatives to not only reach forward to the future but to reach backward and deeper into the history on which we stand.”  This sentiment is echoed in the meaning of his album “Sankofa”. Sankofa is an African concept meaning we should retrieve things of value from our knowledge of the past.  

The Transformation Factory honors Stokley, a history maker, legacy builder, and a true innovator.


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