As part of an overall mission to support the positive transformation of lives, the Transformation Factory sells products that promote physical, emotional and spiritual health.



What is Sea Moss?

The Transformation Factory’s wildcrafted sea moss or “Irish sea moss” is an organic, vegan superfood that can be enjoyed by the entire family.    Our sea moss is “wildcrafted” which means that we harvest it from its natural “wild” habitat in unpolluted waters without the use of any type of chemical fertilizers or pesticides.


Our farms practice environmentally sustainable and socially responsible farming and wild harvesting. Once harvested, the sea moss is transferred to a vegan kitchen where it is blended in alkaline spring water and made into a gel.  Our many fruit flavors are made with organic fruits and natural agave with no preservatives.  To ensure this freshness is passed on to our customers, we deliver our sea moss gel in a cooling pack, fresh and ready to be enjoyed.




Sea moss is a wholefood source of minerals containing 92 of the 102 trace minerals found in the body.  Although you can get your trace minerals by eating a wide variety of foods, with a busy lifestyle this may not always be possible.  Sea moss health benefits can help you fill in the gaps.