About Us

About Us



Alexiou Gibson, A past N.A.S.A intern and recipient of the prestigious Martin Luther King leadership award, Global Citizen Award, and Buick Engineering Scholarship recipient is not a newcomer to the leadership requirements and drive needed to create a successful company.  In addition to TTF,  Alexiou has a full service production company called H.AM that has been in business for more than eight years.  However, now being at the helm of his newest venture, The Transformation Factory, he is able to follow his true passion, which is to help motivate and inspire those on their own 2.0 journey – whatever that may be.



The Story

The Transformation Factory (TTF) is the passion of founder Alexiou Gibson.  In his current role as CEO and President, he leads the company as a continuation of his own transformation from one seeking answers, to one providing answers.  TTF is the culmination of his more than 10 years of battling health issues.  He has used every disappointment, achievement, heartbreak, success, and learning moment to create the concept of TTF as a resource and inspiration for those trying to become their best selves. The TTF website will become  is a depository of information, tools, support communities and products. These are things that Alexiou feels would have helped him a great deal when he started his “Alexiou 2.0” journey.  The good news is that  “Alexiou 2.0”  has culminated into The Transformation Factory – a place that will give everyone the tools they need to succeed on their own journeys.


Alexiou started his transformation in 2014 when his physician told him that he would not live to see thirty. Weighing in at over 500 lbs. at 21 years of age, he was told that his body was in disrepair and he was too far gone to make any significant changes to his health.  At that time his body was riddled with multiple chronic conditions. He also had respiratory conditions making it difficult to walk long distances.


Now, years later, Alexiou has completely changed his lifestyle, and lives a vegan lifestyle, powers through dips and squats, and finds any opportunity he can to coach, inspire and encourage.