Transforming Black Businesses Through Cooperative Economics

Dr. Key Hallmon

The Transformation Factory proudly celebrates Dr. Key Hallmon for her contribution to the positive transformation of black business and the global economy.

Dr. Lakeysha Hallmon, aka Dr. Key, is recognized as one of the most brilliant minds in education and business. A leader in education and business development, she pioneers cooperative economics, emphasizing "unity for true success" for Black entrepreneurs globally.

Her belief is that by providing businesses with culturally competent training and business solutions, we can build strong resilient communities. This includes supporting business owner wellness. In other words, by serving the whole business, the entire community prospers economically and holistically.

Through her efforts and innovative programming, she has transformed the lives of thousands of Black entrepreneurs across the world. In 2016 Dr. Key founded the Village Market, empowering the Black community through cooperative economics, and she continues to create innovative and impactful opportunities for economic growth.

Watch Dr. Key's full interview below with The Transform Factory Founder, Alexiou Gibson, and hear more about how she is transforming economies through her innovative initiatives.


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