Ryan Wilson - Transforming businesses through community building, engagement, and economic development

The Transformation Factory proudly celebrates Ryan Wilson for his commitment to transforming communities through community building, engagement, and economic development.

Ryan Wilson has revolutionized the concept of networking. The Gathering Spot”, a 12,000-member private club he and his partner TK Peterson created, provides a space for creatives, business professionals, and entrepreneurs from all industries and backgrounds to gather and discuss bold ideas, grow their businesses, and expand personal relationships.

But it is not just a club. It is a community with a purpose. Open to all, The Gathering Spot was specifically developed to support the black community by providing access to resources and opportunities, especially those that historically have not been easily accessible to communities of color. It is also an opportunity for individuals to be active and engaged in conversations rooted in community and culture, while being in a space where communities of color are celebrated instead of tolerated.

See his full below interview with The Transformation Factory founder, Alexiou Gibson, to hear more about how The Gathering Spot is transforming lives.


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