Paige Addison Interview - Transforming Utilizing Authenticity, Commitment & Self Care

We celebrate the contributions of Paige Addison as a successful entrepreneur transforming the narrative about business success with a focus on balancing authenticity, commitment, and mental health.

Paige, an East Atlanta-based live event and social media marketing strategist, founded PS Management and Consulting in September 2016. Notable for hosting the first Strictly RNB concert in Atlanta, she gained attention from festival curators and major brands. Leveraging her social media and networking skills, Paige collaborated with companies like Nike, AT&T, and Glossier, while her dynamic stage presence elevated her at high-profile events such as Atlanta’s Revolt Summits. Beyond professional success, Paige's transformative journey encompasses roles from mentee to mentor, employee to employer, and student to teacher. Rooted in faith and authenticity, each transition, though occasionally uncomfortable, has propelled her to unforeseen success through moments of reflection and growth. It's a testament to her unwavering commitment to personal and professional evolution.

Watch the full interview below with The Transformation Factory founder Alexiou Gibson to hear more about Paige's transformative approach to business.


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