Katrina Johnson - The Transformative Power of Courage, Inner Strength, and Faith

The Transformation Factory proudly celebrates Katrina Johnson for her transformative journey - a testimony of extreme courage, inner strength, and faith being the foundation and inspiration for success.

Katrina Johnson, the visionary behind Mantra Mugs, considers the brand to embody her transformative journey. Through building this unique venture, she not only discovered more about herself but also strengthened her connection with God, particularly in the face of challenging health battles.

Mantra Mugs emerged as a divine gift, providing Katrina with an outlet to delve into her inner self, expressing love, pain, and triumph. This creative platform serves as a powerful means for her to encourage and inspire others through the brand's uplifting messages.

See the full interview below with our founder, Alexiou Gibson, to hear more about Katrina’s transformation.


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