Inconceivable! Sea moss boosts fertility

Many people spend a good portion of their lives trying not to get pregnant. So, when couples are finally ready to start a family and experience fertility struggles, it can come as quite a shock. A couple may have fertility issues if after one year of unprotected sex they haven’t been able to conceive. Although infertility (and sex) are often considered taboo subjects, infertility is not uncommon. Both men and women are affected, and sea moss may be the answer.


Men produce sperm constantly. The number of sperm, the movement of sperm (also known as motility) and shape of sperm all impact fertility. A man who ejaculates 15 million sperm per milliliter of semen has a greater chance of conception.


Women, on the other hand, are born with all the eggs they will ever have. Egg quality changes over time which is why older women (typically over 35) are considered higher risk for problems like fetal chromosome abnormalities and difficulty with conception.


But hope isn’t lost. You can turn back the clock and take control of your health with a simple, natural solution – sea moss. Sea moss benefits men and women.


  • Find out where the sea moss was harvested before you buy to ensure it is nutrient-dense and pollution-free.
  • Establish a consistent routine to incorporate sea moss into your diet and your partner’s diet every day. It takes two to tango!
  • Don’t expect immediate results. It takes three months for an egg to mature before ovulation so what you do during that timeframe impacts the health of the egg or eggs that will be released. Similarly, it takes between two to three months to see an improvement in sperm (just one of the sea moss benefits for men).
  • Keep at it! Stick with sea moss and you’ll see a lot of benefits beyond just baby, including improved physical and mental health.

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