The Effects of Sea Moss on Joint and Muscles

The benefits of sea moss for joints and muscles exist because of the fish oils and fatty acids that are typically found in most varieties of sea moss. These oils and fatty acids help alleviate swelling of the joints (along with potassium chloride!) and help improve the flexibility of those joints. 

Sea moss can help increase the body's mobility and athletes often benefit from sea moss consumption because of this increased mobility and flexibility. They need their joints to be loose and ready to go and sea moss has the ability to provide that for those who are extremely active. 

Those with arthritis and stiff joints can reap the rewards of sea moss as well. Those with arthritis often suffer from inflammation and stiff or uncomfortable joint pain. Sea moss helps alleviate those symptoms for that population. 

Just 2 tablespoons a day can help give your joints and muscles a boost. 

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